Gökova / Bodrum Yacht Tour

from Gökova / Bodrum
1 day:
Embarkation in Bodrum. Dinner and overnight (AT) in the harbor or in a nearby bay.

2 day:
2nd dayWe drive about 3.5 hours towards Çati. We reach the inner shores of the Gulf and spend the next few days in this scenic area, where one beautiful bay joins the other. Overnight and dinner in the Yediadalar region (seven islands).

3rd day:
After the first break in Küfre, overnight in Löngöz Bay, which is another ½ hour away. We recommend that you take a walk in Küfre Bay through the beautiful forest.

4th day:
Drive to Sedir Island (Kadrae). This island was probably linked to the mainland earlier. It has traces of an ancient settlement and is particularly known for its small beach with the unusual sand. According to legend, he was brought from Egypt by Egypt to offer his lover Cleopatra a beautiful beach for swimming. In the late afternoon we reach Karacasögüt after a short drive. From here you can take a taxi or minibus to Marmaris. (about 30 minutes).

5th day:
The first swimming break of the day is like in the Tuzla (saline) bay. Then we continue towards Ingiliz Limani (English port). The bay bears this name because during the First World War ships of the British fleet hid themselves from German warships. Overnight and dinner in one of the beautiful bays.

6th day:
We drive past the controversial, not yet commissioned coal power plant from Gökova to Akbük. After lunch, drive to Çökertme Bay, where we spend the night and have dinner.

7th day:
Break and lunch in Kisebükü. This bay, with its crystal clear sea water, offers the opportunity to hike (over the rocks to the hills or through the forest to the ruins of the churches). We take one last swimming break in Çiftlik. Overnight and farewell dinner in Bodrum or in a nearby bay.

8th day:
Disembarkation after breakfast in Bodrum